Palazzo Cipolla
Via del Corso 320, Roma
From 29-09-2021 to 30-01-2022
Quayola belongs to that rare dynasty of art creators who, by inventing their own personal expressive code and new artistic/communicative language, have re-mastered the history of art through its vision.
This very first monographic in Rome presents a complete panorama of the artist's creation through an immersive journey into the main themes of his computational art.
The exhibition project is developed in three thematic areas: classical iconography, unfinished sculptures, and the tradition of landscape painting.
Using systems of robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and generative software, Quayola transforms computational technology into a new palette: Renaissance and Baroque paintings are transformed into complex digital compositions through computational methods, and sculptures inspired by Michelangelo's technique of the unfinished are sculpted by robotic means. There follow representations of nature, the product of generative art that highlights the fascinating - albeit paradoxical - similarity between the natural world and the digital one.
In front of video projections, sculptures, and very high-definition prints, viewers have the opportunity to confront themselves with the incredible artistic potential of these means of expression - far from the clichés of a dehumanized technology - and to acquire, moreover, indispensable reading tools of our contemporary society.

From Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00
Monday closed

Full € 6,00
Reduced € 3,00

For more information, consult the website: www.fondazioneterzopilastrointernazionale.it