New Installations at the Leonardo Exhibition

Palazzo della Cancelleria, Piazza della Cancelleria, 1 - Roma
From the 21/06/19 to the 17/06/20
The exhibition underlines the reflective nature of Leonardo, a man who lived enjoying daily the pleasure of observation, contemplation and elaboration.
Among the machines present you can see:
• the Parachute, thanks to which the man "will be able to throw himself of all heights without damaging himself";
• the Floats, made of air-filled leather skins, defined by Leonardo as the new "way of walking above water";
• the Archimedean Vine, a thinking artifact, still used in agriculture for lifting water and useful both for water supply and for draining marshes, and for engaging in fountains and water games;
• the revolutionary "Carro Armato", a war machine to touch and to discover;
• the Chamber of Mirrors, the room, most probably never realized, an example of the artist's multiple researches in the field of optics and multiple reflection;
• the Ideal City, Leonardo's project of a comfortable and spacious city, characterized by rational and functional architecture, orderly streets "high and strong walls", with the city space articulated on different levels.
Every year the exhibition is renewed, continuing the tradition of an "evolution" of the inventions of the great master.
This year, to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the death of this great artist, two new great attractions have been inaugurated: Augmented Reality and 3D Video Mapping on inventions and the fascinating world of anatomy. In addition, a work by the Belarusian artist Olga Piashko, famous also for having created the fan for the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano in 2013, was exhibited in the room dedicated to the Volo. The work fully represents its avant-garde and innovative spirit, thanks to its ability to shape forms and materials to extract its secret essence and thus amaze the visitor during the observation of the work

Every day from 9:00 to 19:30

Full € 9.00
Reduced € 7.00 (13-18 years old, over 65)
Reduced € 6.00 (5-12 years old)

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