Mantegna’s Room

Palazzo Barberini – Via delle Quattro Fontane, 13 - Roma
From the 27/09/2018 to the 27/01/2019
The selection focuses on Andrea Mantegna's masterpiece, Ecce Homo, a clear synthesis of the early sixteenth century between the demands of devotional painting and a scientific construction of anatomical shapes and space. The painting by Mantegna has a further, exceptional interest also for its state of conservation, which documents the artist's original execution technique and the aesthetic-visual effects he pursues. Next to the Ecce Homo will be exhibited another work attributed to the same Mantegna, the most youthful Madonna with the Child between the saints Gerolamo and Ludovico di Tolosa, which testifies, with a more precocious chronology (1455), the Mantegna interpretation of the images of Maria, a subject widely treated in the Veneto area by the workshop of Giovanni Bellini, with whom Mantegna was in close contact.

From Tuesday to Sunday 8.30- 19.00.
(The box office closes one hour before)
Monday is closed

Full € 12,00
Reduced € 6,00

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