Giacomo Balla. From Abstract Futurism to Iconic Futurism

Palazzo Merulana – Via Merulana, 121 - Roma
From the 21/03/19 to the 17/06/2019
Tending towards a new language of Futurism, a modern and "media" figuration, the artist experiments with images that are strongly associated, almost violently, with fashion photography and the cinema of the time, and with the nascent iconicity of media stars. In addition to some more explicitly futurist paintings executed in the same years, the works are shown in this exhibition, using the “screening” technique, comparing them with the images of the stars photographed in those years by great photographers like Luxardo and Ghergo, and the magazines of the time

From Wednesday to Monday, from 10:00 to 20:00. Tuesday closed

Full € 10.00
Reduced € 8.00

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