The Dark Side. Chi ha paura del buio?

Via dei Chiavari, 7 - Roma
From the 8/10/2019 to 01/03/2020
Just on 8/10/19 Musia will become "Musja" a private museum able to offer the public an articulated artistic and cultural program.
Dark Side, a trilogy by Danilo Eccher designed specifically for the particular spaces of the museum arranged on two levels., represents the 'dark side' that is in each of us, the real or presumed stumbles of life that impose a pause, a reflection , that make the heart beat but, at the same time, ignite new possibilities, new thoughts, new perspectives. It is a question of accessing a dark and obscure dimension that one tries in vain to avoid or hide, but which instead demands a strong presence, requires a courageous gaze. Fear must thus be tamed, controlled, made a participant and friend of one's human adventure, the dark side must not be denied or abandoned, must instead be recognized, accepted, involved, lived. The complex thematic area of ​​the project is organized in three expository moments, distributed over three years, and respectively dedicated to: "Fear of the Dark", "Fear of Solitude", "Fear of Time". The first appointment is dedicated to the "Fear of the Dark"

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