Carlo Levi and the art of politics

Casino dei Principi - Villa Torlonia
Via Nomentana, 64 - Roma
From the 29/11/2019 to the 22/03/2020
The 58 political drawings on display recount, in a synthetic and ironic artistic form, the political formation season of Republican Italy and record the crucial passage that some protagonists of that season have had since 1949 (Olivetti in primis) to the commitment in "Politics of doing". The 46 pictorial works of the artist integrate the flow of historical events touched by the newspaper and the cartoons, signaling from time to time stylistic affinities, thematic shots, but much more often originality and autonomy of the satirical illustrator Levi compared to the author of Christ stopped in Eboli or de L'orologio, released in 1950

From Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 19:00
Monday closed

Full € 10.50

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